About Me

I'm Matt Hielscher (/ˈhɪlʃər/). I am a software engineer with experience in networking and web backend development with several years of freelance and employment experience. I have an interdisciplinary approach that I've learned to put to use in combinations to see problems both up-close and from a wider perspective.

I've professionally developed for the web, and for fun I've done game and Internet application development. I have strong experience with Python in both scripting and data manipulation; PHP, Apache, nginx, MySQL, and Linux for web backends and management; and practical experience with Laravel and other MVC frameworks, Flask, jQuery, Handlebars, and third-party REST APIs.

I'm passionate about solving problems - problems that take thought, exploration, and experimentation to find a viable solution. I competed in the ACM ICPC, placing highly in multiple Southern California regionals against teams from CalTech, UCLA, USC, and others.


I'm looking for part-time programming work! I can work remotely, or within the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles area. I am available up to 20 hours a week at this time.

If you have a part-time employment or contract opportunity that you think I'd fit, I'd be thrilled to interview with you. Let me know you're interested.